Trendar PMS¤

Active ingredients:


Premenstrual syndrome


The symbol ¤ denotes a preparation which is discontinued or no longer actively marketed.

This preparation may contain one or more substances that are restricted in certain sports (see Go to Drugs in Sport); competitors should check with the appropriate sports authorities.

  • Don  2013-02-11

    Could anyone tell me if it is possible to order a specific premenstrual symptom relief product on-line? The product is named "Trendar PMS" and doesn't appear to be available in Canadian drug stores/grocery stores any longer (at least the substantial number of vendors & pharmacies in which I've hunted for this product). The package was a wide, dark purple box (if memory serves me). My wife, as well as a host of other women with which I've discussed this ailment in addition to the relative effectiveness of various non-prescription symptom-relieving medications, absolutely swear by it (and currently lament it's evident discontinuation as a retail-accessible product). Is this product still available anywhere in Canada or the continental United States and if so, can it be ordered online from either a third-party retailer or directly from the manufacturer? We'd greatly appreciate any advice, information or direction that you'd be able to provide! Thank you in advance for your help in locating this amazingly effective product. reply

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