Drug Nomenclature

Date of monograph revision: 31-Jul-1997; 13-Jul-1998; 21-Mar-2000; 09-Nov-2001; 29-Jul-2003; 18-Jun-2004; 05-Oct-2004; 31-May-2006; (last modified: 21-Jun-2006)
Synonyms: N-Acetyl-p-aminophenol; Acetaminophen; Paracetamol; Paracetamolis; Paracetamolum; Parasetamoli
BAN: Paracetamol
INN: Paracetamol [rINN (en)]
INN: Paracetamol [rINN (es)]
INN: Paracétamol [rINN (fr)]
INN: Paracetamolum [rINN (la)]
INN: Парацетамол [rINN (ru)]
Chemical name: 4´-Hydroxyacetanilide; N-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)acetamide
Molecular formula: C8H9NO2 =151.2
CAS: 103-90-2
ATC code: N02BE01
Read code: YM3tX; y04Fy
Chemical Structure of Paracetamol

Chemical Structure of Paracetamol


Compounded preparations of paracetamol may be represented by the following names:

Co-bucafAPAP (PEN)—butalbital, paracetamol, and caffeine

Co-codamol x/y (BAN)—where x and y are the strengths in milligrams of codeine phosphate and paracetamol respectively

Co-codAPAP (PEN)—paracetamol and codeine phosphate

Co-dydramol (BAN)—dihydrocodeine tartrate 1 part and paracetamol 50 parts (w/w)

Co-hycodAPAP (PEN)—hydrocodone tartrate and paracetamol

Co-methiamol x/y (BAN)—where x and y are the strengths in milligrams of dl-methionine and paracetamol respectively

Co-oxycodAPAP (PEN)—oxycodone and paracetamol

Co-proxamol (BAN)—dextropropoxyphene hydrochloride 1 part and paracetamol 10 parts (w/w)

Co-proxAPAP (PEN)—dextropropoxyphene napsilate and paracetamol.


In Chin., Eur. (see Go to European Pharmacopoeia Convention Signatories), Int., Jpn, Pol., US, and Viet.

Ph. Eur. 5.5 (Paracetamol). A white crystalline powder. Sparingly soluble in water; freely soluble in alcohol; very slightly soluble in dichloromethane. Protect from light.

USP 29 (Acetaminophen). A white odourless crystalline powder. Soluble 1 in 20 of boiling water, 1 in 10 of alcohol, and 1 in 15 of 1N sodium hydroxide. Store in airtight containers. Protect from light. Protect from moisture and heat.

Adverse Effects and Treatment

Adverse effects of paracetamol are rare and usually mild, although haematological reactions including thrombocytopenia, leucopenia, pancytopenia, neutropenia, and agranulocytosis have been reported. Skin rashes, and other hypersensitivity reactions occur occasionally.

Overdosage with paracetamol can result in severe liver damage and sometimes acute renal tubular necrosis. Prompt treatment with acetylcysteine or methionine is essential and is discussed under Overdosage, Go to Overdosage..


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Effects on the kidneys.

For reference to evidence that abuse or prolonged excessive use of analgesics, including paracetamol, can produce nephropathy, see under NSAIDs, Go to Effects on the kidneys..

See also under Overdosage, Go to Overdosage..

Effects on the respiratory tract.

The results of a case-control study1 have suggested that the frequent (daily or weekly) use of paracetamol may be associated with asthma. However, the UK CSM has commented that the results of this study do not alter any advice regarding the use of paracetamol and that it remains a safe and effective pain killer for many patients including asthmatics.

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Reactions, characterised by urticaria, dyspnoea, and hypotension, have occurred following the use of paracetamol in adults1-3 and children.4 Angioedema has also been reported.5 Fixed drug eruptions, confirmed by rechallenge, have been described,6-9 and toxic epidermal necrolysis has occurred.10

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Acute overdosage with paracetamol, whether accidental or deliberate, is relatively common and can be extremely serious because of the narrow margin between therapeutic and toxic doses. Ingestion of as little as 10 to 15 g of paracetamol by adults may cause severe hepatocellular necrosis and, less often, renal tubular necrosis. Patients should be considered at risk of severe liver damage if they have ingested more than 150 mg/kg of paracetamol or 12 g or more in total, whichever is the smaller. The risk of severe toxicity after acute paracetamol overdose appears to be less in children than in adults at comparable doses; however, chronic use of supratherapeutic doses in children has resulted in unintentional overdoses and severe hepatotoxicity.1,2

Early signs of overdosage (very commonly nausea and vomiting although they may also include lethargy and sweating) usually settle within 24 hours. Abdominal pain may be the first indication of liver damage, which is not usually apparent for 24 to 48 hours and sometimes may be delayed for up to 4 to 6 days after ingestion. Liver damage is generally at a maximum 72 to 96 hours after ingestion. Hepatic failure, encephalopathy, coma, and death may result. Complications of hepatic failure include acidosis, cerebral oedema, haemorrhage, hypoglycaemia, hypotension, infection, and renal failure. Prothrombin time increases with deteriorating liver function and some recommend that it be measured regularly. Measurement of serum concentrations of aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase is also of value.3 Patients receiving enzyme-inducing drugs or those with a history of alcohol abuse are at special risk of hepatic damage, as may be patients suffering from malnutrition such as those with anorexia or AIDS. It has also been suggested that fasting may predispose to hepatotoxicity.4

Acute renal failure with acute tubular necrosis may develop, even in the absence of severe liver damage. Other non-hepatic symptoms that have been reported following paracetamol overdosage include myocardial abnormalities and pancreatitis.

The mechanism of toxicity in overdosage with paracetamol is thought to be the production of a minor but highly reactive metabolite, N-acetyl-p-benzoquinoneimine (NABQI) by cytochrome P450 isoenzymes (mainly CYP2E1 and CYP3A4)2 in the liver and kidney. The amount of NABQI produced after normal doses of paracetamol is usually completely detoxified by conjugation with glutathione and excreted as mercaptopurine and cysteine conjugates. In paracetamol overdosage, tissue stores of glutathione become depleted, allowing NABQI to accumulate and bind to sulfhydryl groups within hepatocytes causing cell damage. Substances capable of replenishing depleted stores of glutathione, such as acetylcysteine or methionine, are therefore used as antidotes in paracetamol overdosage. Acetylcysteine may also be involved in the repair of damaged tissue.

Treatment of paracetamol overdosage. The management of paracetamol overdosage as practised in the UK and US has been the subject of numerous reviews.3-13 Guidelines have also been issued in the UK by the Paracetamol Information Centre.14

Prompt treatment is essential, even when there are no obvious symptoms, and all patients should be admitted to hospital; full supportive measures should also be instituted.

Activated charcoal may be used to reduce gastrointestinal absorption, if it can be given within 1 hour of the overdose, and if more than 150 mg/kg of paracetamol has been ingested. However, if acetylcysteine or methionine is to be given by mouth the charcoal is best cleared from the stomach to prevent it reducing the absorption of the antidote

There is little evidence that gastric lavage is of benefit in those who have overdosed solely with paracetamol

The plasma-paracetamol concentration should be determined as soon as possible, but not within 4 hours of ingestion, to ensure that peak concentrations are recorded. The risk of liver damage is determined by comparison with a nomogram reference line on a plot of plasma-paracetamol concentration against hours after ingestion. A semi-logarithmic plot or a linear plot may be used. Generally, antidote treatment is required if the patient's plasma-paracetamol concentration is higher than the appropriate line (but see below)

Patients receiving enzyme-inducing drugs such as carbamazepine, phenytoin, phenobarbital, rifampicin, and St John's wort, or those with malnutrition or a history of alcohol abuse, are considered at high risk, and should receive an antidote even if their plasma-paracetamol concentrations are up to 50% below the standard reference line

Plasma-paracetamol concentrations measured more than 15 hours after ingestion are not reliable indicators of hepatic toxicity. Furthermore, the nomogram may not be suitable for use when patients have taken modified-release preparations of paracetamol.15,16 Some suggestions for modified strategies for the use of the Rumack-Matthew nomogram in the face of overdosage with modified-release preparations have been made17-19

Plasma-paracetamol concentrations are also of little value in patients who have taken several overdoses of paracetamol over a short period of time: such patients should be considered as at serious risk and given antidote treatment

Deaths from liver failure have occurred in patients presenting with plasma-paracetamol concentrations below the treatment line: suggested explanations include inadequate patient histories and a need for a lower treatment threshold20

If there is any doubt about timing or the need to treat, then a patient should be treated with an antidote. In some centres, patients who have ingested 150 mg/kg or more of paracetamol are treated regardless of plasma-paracetamol concentrations21

Antidote treatment should be started as soon as possible after suspected paracetamol ingestion and should not be delayed while awaiting the results of plasma assays. Once the results become available, treatment may be stopped if the initial concentration was below the nomogram reference line. However, if the initial concentration is above the reference line, the full course of antidote must be given and should not be stopped when subsequent plasma concentrations fall below the reference line.

Choice of antidote. Acetylcysteine (Go to Acetylcysteine) is usually the antidote of choice but the route of administration varies, and the best protocol has yet to be determined.13 Intravenous use has been associated with anaphylactic reactions but is the preferred route in the UK because of fears that oral absorption might be reduced by vomiting or activated charcoal. However, in the USA the oral route is usual, and is clearly effective. The use of methionine (Go to Methionine) by mouth is licensed in the UK, despite the same risks of impaired absorption due to vomiting or activated charcoal. It is cheaper and easier to give than intravenous acetylcysteine and may be used in situations where a patient cannot be transferred to hospital, provided it is given within 10 to 12 hours of the overdose and the patient is not vomiting.

Acetylcysteine is most effective when given during the first 8 hours after taking the overdose and the effect diminishes progressively thereafter. It used to be believed that starting treatment more than 15 hours after overdosage was of no benefit and might aggravate the risk of hepatic encephalopathy. However, late treatment was subsequently shown to be safe,22 and studies of patients treated up to 36 hours after ingestion suggest that benefit may be obtained up to and possibly beyond 24 hours.23,24 Furthermore, giving intravenous acetylcysteine to patients who had already developed fulminant hepatic failure has been shown to reduce morbidity and mortality.25

In the UK, an initial dose of 150 mg/kg of acetylcysteine in 200 mL of glucose 5% is given intravenously over 15 minutes, followed by an intravenous infusion of 50 mg/kg in 500 mL of glucose 5% over the next 4 hours and then 100 mg/kg in one litre over the next 16 hours. Sodium chloride 0.9% may be used where glucose 5% is unsuitable. The volume of intravenous fluids should be modified for children. If an anaphylactoid reaction develops, the infusion should be stopped and an antihistamine given; it may be possible to continue the acetylcysteine infusion at a slower rate

In the USA, acetylcysteine is given by mouth in an initial dose of 140 mg/kg as a 5% solution followed by 70 mg/kg every 4 hours for an additional 17 doses. Some26 have suggested increasing the loading dose of oral acetylcysteine when it is given after activated charcoal, whereas others27 have found that the efficacy of acetylcysteine is not reduced by use of activated charcoal beforehand and consider a larger acetylcysteine dose unnecessary.

Methionine, like acetylcysteine, is most effective when given as early as possible after paracetamol overdosage. However, it is not as effective if treatment is delayed5,28-30 and hepatic damage is more frequent and severe if treatment with methionine is started more than 10 hours after ingestion; it may also precipitate hepatic encephalopathy.5

The usual dose of methionine in adults and children over 6 years is 2.5 g by mouth every 4 hours for 4 doses starting less than 10 to 12 hours after ingestion of the paracetamol and provided the patient is not vomiting. Children under 6 years should be given 1 g every 4 hours for 4 doses. It has also been given intravenously

The literature relating to the use of methionine in paracetamol poisoning is, in general, imprecise as to the form of methionine used. In the UK, the doses quoted above refer to dl-methionine. Preparations containing both methionine and paracetamol (co-methiamol) have been formulated for use in situations where overdosage may occur. However, the issue of whether methionine should be routinely added to paracetamol preparations is contentious for medical and ethical reasons.

Histamine H2-antagonists. It has been suggested that since cimetidine blocks the hepatic cytochrome P450 mixed function oxidase system, it might be of use as an adjunct to acetylcysteine for patients whose production of the toxic metabolite of paracetamol is increased due to enzyme induction. Although there have been several anecdotal reports claiming benefit for cimetidine in patients with paracetamol poisoning, there is no current evidence to support these claims.10,11,13,31

Liver transplantation may be considered as a last recourse in some patients.

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A review of drug-induced pancreatitis reported that pancreatitis associated with paracetamol had only occurred in patients taking more than recommended doses and even then it had been a rare reaction.1 In a retrospective study of data from 814 patients who had taken paracetamol overdoses, hyperamylasaemia was detected in 246, and was more common and more severe in patients transferred to a specialist unit because of more severe poisoning.2 However, acute pancreatitis was diagnosed only in 33 cases.

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Paracetamol should be given with care to patients with impaired kidney or liver function. It should also be given with care to patients with alcohol dependence.

Breast feeding.

No adverse effects have been observed in breast-feeding infants whose mothers were receiving paracetamol, and the American Academy of Pediatrics considers1 that it is therefore usually compatible with breast feeding. The BNF also considers that the amount of paracetamol distributed into breast milk is too small to be harmful to a breast-fed infant.

Pharmacokinetic studies in 12 nursing mothers given a single dose of paracetamol showed that peak paracetamol concentrations in breast milk of 10 to 15 micrograms/mL were achieved in 1 to 2 hours. Plasma concentrations were determined in 2 mothers; a breast milk/plasma ratio of about 1 was reported.2 Similar findings have been reported from other studies.3,4

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Paracetamol is generally considered to be the analgesic of choice in pregnant patients. However, the frequent use of paracetamol (defined as most days or daily use) in late pregnancy may be associated with an increased risk of persistent wheezing in the infant.1 The authors emphasised that the number of pregnant women taking frequent doses was very small and they recommended that infrequent paracetamol should remain the analgesic of choice in pregnancy.

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Renal impairment.

Caution is recommended when giving paracetamol to patients with renal impairment. Plasma concentrations of paracetamol and its glucuronide and sulfate conjugates are increased in patients with moderate renal failure and in patients on dialysis.1-3 It has been suggested that paracetamol itself may be regenerated from these metabolites.1,2 There are conflicting data on whether the conjugates of paracetamol accumulate in patients with renal impairment receiving multiple doses.2,3

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The risk of paracetamol toxicity may be increased in patients receiving other potentially hepatotoxic drugs or drugs that induce liver microsomal enzymes. The absorption of paracetamol may be accelerated by drugs such as metoclopramide. Excretion may be affected and plasma concentrations altered when given with probenecid. Colestyramine reduces the absorption of paracetamol if given within 1 hour of paracetamol.


The plasma-paracetamol concentrations considered an indication for antidote treatment (see under Overdosage, Go to Overdosage.) should be halved in patients receiving enzyme-inducing drugs such as rifampicin. Severe hepatotoxicity at therapeutic doses or moderate overdoses of paracetamol has been reported in patients receiving isoniazid, alone1-3 or with other drugs for tuberculosis.4

For the effects of paracetamol on chloramphenicol, see Go to Paracetamol..

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For the effects of paracetamol on oral anticoagulants, see under Warfarin, Go to Analgesics and NSAIDs..


The plasma-paracetamol concentrations considered an indication for antidote treatment (see under Overdosage, Go to Overdosage.) should be halved in patients receiving enzyme-inducing drugs such as carbamazepine, phenobarbital, phenytoin, or primidone.

For the effects of paracetamol on lamotrigine, see Go to Analgesics..


For reports of adverse effects on the liver associated with use of paracetamol with antiviral drugs, see under Interferon Alfa, Go to Paracetamol. and Zidovudine, Go to Analgesics..


Pretreatment with probenecid can decrease paracetamol clearance and increase its plasma half-life.1 Although urinary excretion of the sulfate and glucuronide conjugates of paracetamol are reduced, that of paracetamol is unchanged.

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Paracetamol is readily absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract with peak plasma concentrations occurring about 10 to 60 minutes after oral doses. Paracetamol is distributed into most body tissues. It crosses the placenta and is present in breast milk. Plasma-protein binding is negligible at usual therapeutic concentrations but increases with increasing concentrations. The elimination half-life of paracetamol varies from about 1 to 3 hours.

Paracetamol is metabolised predominantly in the liver and excreted in the urine mainly as the glucuronide and sulfate conjugates. Less than 5% is excreted as unchanged paracetamol. A minor hydroxylated metabolite (N-acetyl-p-benzoquinoneimine), is usually produced in very small amounts by cytochrome P450 isoenzymes (mainly CYP2E1 and CYP3A4) in the liver and kidney. It is usually detoxified by conjugation with glutathione but may accumulate following paracetamol overdosage and cause tissue damage.


The absorption of paracetamol was slow and incomplete in vegetarian subjects compared with non-vegetarian subjects.1

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Uses and Administration

Paracetamol, a para-aminophenol derivative, has analgesic and antipyretic properties and weak anti-inflammatory activity. Paracetamol is given by mouth or as a rectal suppository for mild to moderate pain and for fever (Go to Fever and hyperthermia). It may also be given by intravenous infusion for the short-term treatment of moderate pain, particularly following surgery, and fever. Paracetamol is often the analgesic or antipyretic of choice, especially in the elderly and in patients in whom salicylates or other NSAIDs are contra-indicated. Such patients include asthmatics, those with a history of peptic ulcer, and children.

The usual adult dose by mouth is 0.5 to 1 g every 4 to 6 hours up to a maximum of 4 g daily. Licensed UK doses in children are: 3 months to 1 year, 60 to 120 mg; 1 to 5 years, 120 to 250 mg; 6 to 12 years, 250 to 500 mg. These doses may be given every 4 to 6 hours when necessary up to a maximum of 4 doses in 24 hours. In younger children the BNFC suggests the following doses:

neonates 28 to 32 weeks postmenstrual age (gestational age at birth plus chronological age), 20 mg/kg as a single dose then 10 to 15 mg/kg every 8 to 12 hours if necessary up to a maximum of 30 mg/kg daily

neonates over 32 weeks postmenstrual age, 20 mg/kg as a single dose then 10 to 15 mg/kg every 6 to 8 hours if necessary up to a maximum of 60 mg/kg daily

1 to 3 months of age, 30 to 60 mg every 8 hours if necessary

The BNFC also suggests higher doses for use in children with more severe symptoms: children aged 1 to 3 months may be given 20 mg/kg as a single dose followed by 15 to 20 mg/kg every 6 to 8 hours if necessary up to a maximum of 60 mg/kg daily; older children may also be given 20 mg/kg every 6 hours to a maximum of 90 mg/kg daily for 48 hours or longer if necessary followed by 15 mg/kg every 6 hours. Usual adult maximum doses (see above) would apply for heavier children.

For post-immunisation pyrexia, a dose of 60 mg has been recommended for children 2 to 3 months of age. If necessary a second dose may be given after six hours; if the pyrexia persists after that dose, medical advice should be sought.

Paracetamol may also be given as suppositories in an adult rectal dose of 0.5 to 1 g every 4 to 6 hours, up to 4 times daily. Licensed children's doses in the UK are: 1 to 5 years, 125 to 250 mg; 6 to 12 years, 250 to 500 mg, both given at the same frequency as in adults. Older children may be given the adult dose. The BNFC suggests the following rectal doses in younger children:

neonates 28 to 32 weeks postmenstrual age, 20 mg/kg as a single dose then 15 mg/kg every 12 hours if necessary to a maximum of 30 mg/kg daily

neonates over 32 weeks postmenstrual age, 30 mg/kg as a single dose then 20 mg/kg every 8 hours if necessary to a maximum of 60 mg/kg daily

1 to 3 months of age, 30 to 60 mg every 8 hours if necessary to a maximum of 60 mg/kg daily

3 to 12 months of age, 60 to 125 mg every 4 to 6 hours if necessary to a maximum of 4 doses in 24 hours

5 to 12 years of age, 250 to 500 mg every 4 to 6 hours if necessary to a maximum of 4 doses in 24 hours

for severe symptoms, children aged 1 to 3 months may be given 30 mg/kg as a single dose followed by 20 mg/kg every 8 hours to a maximum of 60 mg/kg daily; older children may be given 40 mg/kg as a single dose followed by 20 mg/kg every 4 to 6 hours to a maximum of 90 mg/kg daily for 48 hours or longer, if necessary, before reducing to 15 mg/kg every 6 hours. Again, the usual adult maximum would apply in heavier children

Paracetamol is also given by intravenous infusion to adults and children over 10 kg in weight. Dosage may be calculated by weight as follows:

patients weighing over 50 kg, single doses of 1 g every 4 or more hours, to a maximum of 4 g daily

from 33 to 50 kg, single doses of 15 mg/kg every 4 or more hours, to a maximum of 60 mg/kg or 3 g daily (whichever is less)

between 10 and 33 kg, single doses of 15 mg/kg every 4 or more hours, to a maximum of 60 mg/kg or 2 g daily (whichever is less)

For intravenous doses in renal impairment, see Go to Administration in renal impairment..


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Administration in children.

It has been suggested1 that the recommended doses of paracetamol for children may result in subtherapeutic blood concentrations, and that an initial loading dose should be given, followed by regular doses up to the recommended maximum daily dose. However, the appropriate maximum daily dose remains controversial, and there is obvious concern given the risks of overdosage. For recommended doses in children see Go to Uses and Administration.

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Administration in renal impairment.

In patients with a creatinine clearance of 30 mL/minute or less it is recommended that the interval between each intravenous paracetamol dose is increased to 6 hours.


Non-opioid analgesics such as paracetamol, aspirin, and other NSAIDs are often tried first for the symptomatic treatment of various types of headache including migraine (see Go to Migraine) and tension-type headache (see Go to Tension-type headache). These drugs given at the onset of symptoms can successfully treat an acute attack of migraine. However, absorption may be poor due to gastric stasis which is commonly present in migraine. For this reason dispersible and effervescent preparations and compound preparations containing drugs such as metoclopramide which relieve gastric stasis have been advocated.


Paracetamol is used in the management of mild to moderate pain (see Choice of Analgesic, Go to Choice of analgesic). It is of similar potency to aspirin, but with weak anti-inflammatory activity. Paracetamol may also be used as an adjunct to opioids in the management of severe pain such as cancer pain (Go to Cancer pain.). Paracetamol is the preferred choice for pain in children (Go to Choice of analgesics in children) because of the association of aspirin with Reye's syndrome in this age group (see Go to Reye's syndrome.). In the treatment of rheumatic disorders, a weak anti-inflammatory effect limits the role of paracetamol. However, it may be of benefit for simple pain control in rheumatoid arthritis (Go to Rheumatoid arthritis) and ankylosing spondylitis (see under Spondyloarthropathies, Go to Spondyloarthropathies), although these patients usually require the additional anti-inflammatory effects provided by NSAIDs. Synovial inflammation is usually only a minor component of osteoarthritis (Go to Osteoarthritis), and paracetamol is generally recommended as first choice of treatment before NSAIDs are tried. Paracetamol is useful for the relief of acute low back pain (Go to Low back pain.).

Dependence and tolerance are not a problem with non-opioid analgesics such as paracetamol, but there is a ceiling of efficacy, above which increasing the dose has no further therapeutic effect.


Single-ingredient Preparations

The symbol ¤ denotes a preparation which is discontinued or no longer actively marketed.

Argentina: Acetolit; Apracur Antifebril; Bio Grip-T; Causalon; Custodial¤; Dirox; Dristancito¤; Fiebrol; Fiebrolito; Flash; Guemusin¤; Inmunogrip T Caliente; Invernosan; Itedal; Mejoral; Multifebrin¤; Nodipir; Nodolex; Novo Asat; Para Z Mol; Parageniol; Paratral; PH 4 Plus¤; Plovacal; Predualito; Qura Plus; Tafirol; Termofren; Tetradox; Tylenol¤; Vick Vitapyrena; Viclor; Australia: Asprol¤; Ceetamol¤; Chemists Own Pain & Fever¤; Childrens Panadol; Dymadon; Febridol¤; Junior Disprol¤; Kiddy Calm¤; Lemsip Headcold¤; Lemsip; Ordov Febrigesic; Panacete¤; Panadol; Panamax; Parahexal; Paralgin; Parasin¤; Paraspen¤; Parmol¤; Perfalgan; Setamol; Tempra¤; Tylenol; Austria: Apacet¤; Becetamol; Ben-u-ron; Duaneo; Enelfa; Gewamol; Grippostad; Kratofin simplex; Mexalen; Momentum; Parakapton; Paraspeed; Peinfort; Perfalgan; Tylenol¤; Belgium: Algostase Mono; Curpol; Dafalgan; Dolol-Instant; Dolprone; Efferalgan¤; Lemgrip¤; Lonarid Mono¤; Neuridon¤; Panadol; Pe-Tam¤; Perdolan; Perfusalgan; Sanicopyrine¤; Supadol Mono¤; Tempra¤; Brazil: Acetamol¤; Acetofen; Anatyl; Baicurina¤; Calpol¤; Cefabrina; Cetafrin; Cetynol; Chalena¤; Contradol; Cyfenol; Dordendril¤; Dorfen; Dorib; Dorico; Dorvan; Emsgrip; Febralgin; Fervex; Gripeonil; Gripotermon; Pacemol; Paracemil; Paracen; Parador¤; Paralgen; Paratermol; Piramin; Pyrimel; Termo-Ped¤; Termol; Tilekin; Trifen; Tyflen; Tylalgin; Tyleflan; Tylenol; Tylephen; Tylidol; Unigrip; Canada: 222 AF¤; Abenol; Acet; Acetab¤; AF Anacin¤; Alsiphene; Anacin-3¤; Artritol; Atasol; Cephanol; Childrens Feverhalt; Headarest¤; Multi-gesic; Novo-Gesic; Pain Aid Free; Panadol; Pediatrix; Robigesic; Rounox¤; Tantaphen; Tempra; Tylenol; Chile: Acamol; Asafen Nueva Formula¤; Cotibin Compuesto; Cryogenine Plus¤; Daimeton; Fibrimol; Geniol-P; Kitadol; Panadol; Panagesic; Parox Meltab; Rapidol; Supracalm; Tapsin Infantil; Tapsin sin Cafeina; Winasorb; Xumadol; Zolben; Czech Republic: Ben-u-ron; Calpol; Efferalgan; Gelocatil; Medipyrin; Mexalen; Panadol; Paralen; Denmark: Pamol; Panam; Panodil; Perfalgan; Pinex; Finland: Panadol; Para-Suppo; Para-Tabs; Perfalgan; France: Aferadol¤; Akindol¤; Claradol; Compralsol¤; Dafalgan; Dolflash¤; Doliprane; Dolitabs; Dolko; Dolotec; Efferalgan; Efferalganodis; Expandox; Febrectol; Geluprane; Gynospasmine¤; Malgis¤; Oralgan¤; Panadol; Paralyoc; Perfalgan; Tylenol¤; Germany: Anaflon¤; Anti-Algos¤; Antipanin N¤; Antipanin P¤; Ben-u-ron; Captin; Contac Erkaltungs-Trunk; Dignocetamol¤; Dolarist¤; Dolofugin¤; Doloreduct¤; Dolorfug¤; Dorocoff-Paracetamol¤; duracetamol¤; Enelfa; Eu-Med P mono¤; Eu-Med Schmerzzapfschen¤; Fensum; Finiweh¤; Freka-cetamol¤; Gardan P¤; Gepodan¤; Grippostad Heissgetrank; Kinder-Finiweh¤; Larylin Heissgetrank gegen Schmerzen und Fieber¤; Logomed Schmerz- /Fieber¤; Lonarid Mono¤; Mandrogripp¤; Mogil¤; Momentum Analgetikum¤; Mono Praecimed; Mono-Trimedil¤; NeoCitran¤; NilnOcen¤; Octadon N¤; Ophinal¤; Paedialgon; Pantalgin¤; Parapaed; PCM; Perfalgan; Pyromed¤; RubieMol¤; Schmerzex¤; Sinpro junior¤; Sinpro N; Togal; Treupel mono¤; Tylenol¤; Verlapyrin N¤; Vips¤; Vivimed¤; Greece: Apotel; Cetinject¤; Dalminette¤; Depon Maximum; Depon; Dolal; Genspir; Lonarid Aplo; Panadol; protAlgon; Tunelzin¤; Hong Kong: Afebrin¤; Angenol; Apap¤; Arfen; Ben-u-ron; Biogesic; Calpol; Children's Tylenol¤; Christamol; Cortal for Children¤; Dhamol; Fortolin¤; Infant's Tylenol¤; Junior Strength Tylenol¤; Panadol; Parmol; Progesic; Serimol; Setamol; Tiffy; Tylenol¤; Uni-Febrin; Hungary: Ben-u-ron; Efferalgan; Grippostad; Mexalen; Panadol; Rubophen; India: Calpol; Crocin; Disprin Paracetamol; Doliprane; Febridol; Malidens; Pacimol; Paracin; Paracip; Parafizz; Pyrexon; Pyrigesic; Ultragin; Ireland: Anadin Paracetamol; Calpol; Cetamol¤; Disprol; Hedex; Lemsip Children's Cold Relief; Panadol; Paralief; Paralink; Parapaed; Parasol¤; Paratabs; Perfalgan; Suotex¤; Tylenol¤; Israel: Abrol; Abrolet; Acamol; Acamoli; Aldolor; Dexamol Kid; Dexamol; Efferalgan; Liqiprin¤; Panadol; Paramol; Paramolan; Rokamol; Supramol¤; Vimoli; Italy: Acetamol; Calpol¤; Efferalgan; Levadol; Neo-Fepramol¤; Normaflu; Panadol; Puernol; Sanipirina¤; Tachipirina; Malaysia: Acet; Arfen; Biogesic; Dhamol; Dumin¤; Naprex; Panadol; Partamol; Poro; Rapidol; Serimol¤; Setromol¤; Uphamol; Mexico: Abatem; Acetafen; Acetif; Alpirex; Amolgen; Analmex¤; Analphen; Andopan¤; Andox; Antidol; Bremotel; Brontonyl¤; Calinofen¤; Calpol¤; Colderina¤; Coriver; Datril; Dismifen; Dolgan Flash; Dolotemp¤; Doluvital; Dolviran; Farpik; Febran¤; Febrim¤; Febronyl¤; Ferridal; Filanc; Frilen; Ginol; Icetazol; Ifutemp; Infalgina; Magnidol-Plus; Magnidol; Mejoralito; Minofen; Minomex¤; Neodol; Neodolito; Nordinet Infantil; Notem; Panadol¤; Panofen; Parengesico¤; Pharmacen; Piraldin¤; Piralyn; Piremol; Precifen; Prosedal; Resfin; Sedalito; Sinedol; Soltadol; Sons Piral; Sudis; Tafirol; Temperal; Tempire; Tempofin; Tempra; Tempre; Temprin; Temzzard; Termotrin¤; Terol¤; Tylenol; Tylex; Verbalem¤; Wifibrin¤; Winasorb; Netherlands: Daro; Darocet¤; Finimal Junior; Hedex; Kinder Finimal; Lagalgin; Momentum; Panadol; Perfalgan; Sinaspril-Paracetamol; Vicks Paracetamol; Norway: Alvedon¤; Pamol; Panodil; Paracet; Perfalgan; Pinex; New Zealand: Disprol; Lemsip Cold & Flu Original, Cold & Flu Max; Pacimol; Pamol; Panadol; Paracare; Parapaed; Paratabs¤; Portugal: Atralidon; Ben-u-ron; Dafalgan; Efferalgan; Panadol; Panasorbe; Paramolan; Parsel; Perfalgan; Supofen; Tylenol¤; Zaramol; Russia: Calpol (Калпол); Cefecon D (Цефекон Д); Daleron (Далерон); Dolomol (Доломол); Panadol (Панадол); South Africa: Anadin-3; Antalgic; Arcanagesic¤; Brunomol; Calpol; Cetapon¤; Compu-Pain¤; Dolorol; Doxypol¤; Dynadol¤; Empaped; Ennagesic¤; Entalgic¤; Farmacetamol¤; Fevamol; Go-Pain P; Junior Disprin¤; Lyteca¤; Maxadol-P¤; Medpramol; Merck-Gesic¤; Napamol; Pacimol; Painamol; Pamol¤; Panado; Paradco; Paramed; Prolief; Pyradol; Pyragesic¤; Setamol¤; Temol¤; Tylenol; Varipan; Winpain; Singapore: Acet; Biogesic; Calpol; Childrens Panadol Drops for Infants; Dhamol; Fibrexin; Milidon¤; Napa; Naprex; Pacemol¤; Panadol; Paximol; Poro¤; Rapidol; Remedol; Setamol¤; Tempra¤; Tylenol; Spain: Acertol; Actron¤; Akindol¤; Alginina¤; Analter¤; Antidol; Apiretal; Aspac¤; Asplin¤; Auxidor¤; Bandol; Bolidol; Calmanticold¤; Cupanol; Dafalgan¤; Desfebre¤; Dolefin Paracetamol¤; Dolgesic; Dolostop; Drazin¤; Duorol; Efferalgan; Eftazid¤; Febranine¤; Febrectal; Gelocatil; Hedex¤; Melabon Infantil; Nofedol¤; Panadol; Panrectal¤; Parafludeten; Pediapirin¤; Perfalgan; Pirinasol¤; Prontina¤; Resakal; Sinmol; Stopain¤; Sudafed Co¤; Talgo; Temperal¤; Tempra¤; Termalgin; Tylenol; Xumadol; Zatinol¤; Zolben¤; Sweden: Alvedon; Curadon; Lemsip¤; Panodil; Perfalgan; Reliv; Switzerland: Acetalgine; Bebesan N¤; Becetamol; Ben-u-ron; Comprimes analgesiques no 534¤; Contre-Douleurs P; Dafalgan; Democyl¤; Demogripal¤; DoloStop nouvelle formule; Dolprone; Fortalidon P¤; Influbene N; Kafa; Malex; Neo-Treupine¤; Nina; Ortensan¤; Osa Suppositoires contre douleurs et fievre; Panadol; Perfalgan; Pharmacard Family Douleurs & Fievre; Rivodol¤; Seranex N; Siniphen Nouvelle formule; Spalt N¤; Stellacyl nouvelle formule¤; Termalgin¤; Treupel Dolo; Treupel N¤; Treuphadol; Tylenol; Zolben; Thailand: A-Mol; Aceta-P¤; Acetasil; Algogen; Biogesic; Calpol; Cemol; Daga; Detamol¤; Fenn; Icolid Plus; Kit-Syrup; Lotemp; Mypara; Nasa; Nutamol; Panadol; Para-G; Paracap; Paracet; Paramol TP; Paramol; Paranal-L; Paranal¤; Parat; Paratol; Partamol; Pemol; Pyracon; Pyretal; Ramol; Sara; Saridon¤; Temolan¤; Tempra; Tumdi; Tylenol; Tymol; Unimol; Vemol¤; Xebramol; United Arab Emirates: Adol; United Kingdom: Abdine Cold Relief; Alvedon; Anadin Paracetamol; Aspro Paraclear¤; Boots Pain Relief Suspension 6 Years Plus; Calpol; Disprol; Elkamol¤; Fanalgic¤; Fennings Childrens Cooling Powders; Galpamol; Hedex; Infadrops; Mandanol; Medinol; Miradol; Obimol; Pain Relief Syrup for Children¤; Paldesic; Panadol; Panaleve; Paracets; Paraclear; Paramin¤; Parapaed; Perfalgan; Placidex¤; Salzone; Tixymol¤; Tramil¤; United States: Acephen; Aceta; AlbaTemp¤; Alka-Seltzer Advanced Formula¤; Apacet; Apap; Apra; Arthritis Foundation Pain Reliever, Aspirin Free¤; Arthritis Pain Formula Aspirin Free; Aspirin Free Anacin; Aspirin Free Pain Relief; Bromo Seltzer; Childrens Dynafed Jr; Childrens Mapap; Dapa¤; Dolanex¤; Dolono; Dorcol Children's Fever & Pain Reducer¤; Dynafed EX; Extra Strength Datril¤; Feverall; Genapap; Genebs; Halenol; Infantaire; Liquiprin; Mapap; Maranox; Meda; Myapap¤; Neopap¤; Oraphen-PD; Panadol; Panex¤; Panitone; Phenaphen¤; Redutemp; Ridenol; Silapap; Snaplets-FR¤; St. Joseph Aspirin-Free for Children¤; Suppap¤; Tapanol; Tempra; Tylenol Sore Throat Daytime; Tylenol; UN-Aspirin; Uni-Ace; Valadol¤; Venezuela: Acetalis; Aceval; Agurin; Amifen; Atamel; Brexin; Cadafen; Colprin; Menpirin; Paracor; Parstelin; Tachipirin; Tempra; Tylenol; Vestax; Winadol;

Multi-ingredient Preparations

The symbol ¤ denotes a preparation which is discontinued or no longer actively marketed.

Argentina: Agrip; Algicler; Algio-Truxa; Algiseda; Antigripal Compuesto; Apracur¤; Aseptobron Antigripal; Benadryl Day & Night; Bio Grip Classic; Bio Grip Plus; Blokium Gesic; Buscapina Compositum N; Calmapir-P¤; Causalon Gesic; Causalon Grip; Cefalex; Clarifriol; Cor-Tagrip; Corizina; Craun¤; Daygrip; Decidex Compuesto; Desenfriol Decongestivo; Desenfriol Hiper T¤; Di-Neumobron; Di-Neumobron; Di-Neumobron; Dioxadol; Dioxaflex Gesic; Dirox Alergia; Dolanet; Dolofrix; Doma Grip NF; Doma Grip; Dristan Descongestivo; Duflegrip; Everfem; Factor Antigripal; Factus; Fadagrip; Falgos; Febrigrip; Finagrip; Fugafebril; Fullgrip T; GNO CP¤; Gripanil C; Hidronovag Complex; Ideogrip; Inmunogrip; Itedal Plus; Kiper; Klipal¤; Letondal; Mejoral Cafeina; Mejoral Grip T Descongestivo; Mejoral Grip; Multin; Nastizol Compositum; Nexogrip; Oxafem; Oxagesic; Oxinovag Complex; Panclogesic; Panotos NF; Panotos; Paraflex AN; Paraflex Plus; Parageniol Caff; Parageniol Grip Caliente; Parageniol Grip; Parsel¤; Predual; Qura; Reanima; Refrianex Antigripal; Refrianex Compuesto; Refrianex; Resaca; Rodinac Gesic; Rondec Compositum¤; Sandival NF¤; Sandival; Saridon; Sindrolen Vitaminado¤; Sinutab; Tabcin Antigripal NF; Tabcin Caliente Descongestivo NF; Tabcin Compuesto; Termogrip; Tramacet; Vefren; Venter; Vesalion Gesic; Viclor Grip; Wilpan; Xedenol Gesic; Australia: Anagraine; Analgesic/Calmative; Angesil Plus¤; Benadryl Cold and Flu¤; Bethal¤; Capadex; Chemists Own Cold & Flu Day/Night¤; Chemists Own Cold & Flu Relief¤; Chemists Own Coldeze; Chemists Own Hayfever Sinus Relief¤; Chemists Own Pain; Chemists Own Sinus-Pain Relief¤; Childrens Panadol Cold Relief Elixir; Codalgin Plus; Codalgin; Codapane; Codinol¤; Codral 4 Flu¤; Codral Cold & Flu; Codral Cough, Cold & Flu Day & Night¤; Codral Daytime/Nightime; Codral Nightime; Codral Pain Relief; Codral Tension Headache¤; Cold & Flu (Non-Drowsy) Tablets¤; Cold & Flu Tablets Non Drowsy; Cold & Flu Tablets¤; Coldrex Cold and Flu Capsules¤; Cyclopane¤; Day & Night Cold & Flu; Demazin Cold & Flu; Di-Gesic; Dimatab Cold Tablets¤; Dimetapp Cold & Flu; Dimetapp Cold, Cough & Flu; Dimetapp Cold, Cough & Flu; Dimetapp Elixir-Plus¤; Dimetapp Sinus Relief¤; Dolased Analgesic Calmative; Dolased Day/Night Pain Relief; Doxitab Cold Tablets¤; Dymadon Co; Dymadon Forte; Febricod; Fiorinal; Headclear¤; Hexal Comfarol Plus¤; Junicol Junior¤; Junicol V¤; Kiddy Calm Plus¤; Lemsip Flu; Lemsip Max; Liquigesic Co; Logicin Cough & Cold; Logicin Flu Strength Day & Night; Logicin Flu Strength; Logicin Hay Fever; Medimonth¤; Menstraleve¤; Mersyndol Daystrength; Mersyndol; Metomax; Migranol¤; Migrex Pink¤; Migrex Yellow¤; Mucron¤; Nembudeine¤; Norgesic; Nyal Plus+ Cold & Flu¤; Nyal Plus+ Day & Night Cold & Flu¤; Nyal Plus+ Day Night Sinus Relief¤; Nyal Plus+ Sinus Relief with Antihistamine¤; Ordov Extra Day & Night Cold and Flu; Ordov Febrideine; Ordov Migradol; Ordov Sinus & Hayfever; Orthoxicol 1¤; Orthoxicol 2¤; Orthoxicol 3¤; Orthoxicol 4 and 6¤; Orthoxicol 8 and 9¤; Orthoxicol Cold & Flu; Orthoxicol Day & Night Cold & Flu; Orthoxicol Dry Cough¤; Orthoxicol Headcold¤; Orthoxicol Night Cold & Flu; Paineze¤; Painstop; Panadeine Plus; Panadeine; Panadol Allergy Sinus; Panadol Cold and Flu; Panadol Elixir with Promethazine¤; Panadol Night¤; Panadol Sinus Day/Night; Panadol Sinus; Panalgesic; Panamax Co; Panquil; Paradex; Pentalgin¤; Percodan¤; Pharma-Col Junior; Polaramine Infant Compound¤; Prodeine; SBPA Analgesic/Calmative¤; Seda-Quell¤; Seneplus¤; Sigma Relief Cold Tablets¤; Sinuguard N/F Without Antihistamine¤; Sinuguard With Antihistamine¤; Sinutab Antihistamine¤; Sinutab Sinus & Pain Relief; Sinutab Sinus Allergy & Pain Relief; Sinutab with Codeine¤; Sinuzets Cold and Flu Capsules with Antihistamine¤; Sinuzets Cold and Flu Capsules¤; Sudafed Sinus Day & Night Relief; Sudafed Sinus Pain & Allergy Relief; Sudafed Sinus Pain Relief; Triolix Day-time¤; Triolix Night-time¤; Tylenol Allergy Sinus; Tylenol Cold & Flu Non-Drowsy; Tylenol Cold & Flu; Tylenol Sinus; Vicks Headclear Nondrowsy¤; Vicks Headclear¤; Austria: Ado C; Adolorin; Adoluron CC¤; Algofina; APA; APA; Aplexil¤; Apracur¤; Asticol¤; Buscopamol¤; Co-Tylenol¤; Coldadolin¤; Coldagrippin; Contralorin¤; Dolenso¤; Dolmix; Dolocod; Dolokapton; Dolomo Nacht¤; Dolomo; Dolonerv; Dolopharm¤; Duan; Duaneo mit Codein; Duokapton; Eu-Med; Gewadal; Grippostad C; Ilvico mit Vitamin C¤; Influbene; Irocopar c C; Irocophan; Kratofin¤; Melabon; Mexa-Vit C; Migradon; Neo Citran; Neokratin¤; Nervan; Norgesic; Panax¤; Parafon; Peremin¤; Rapidol; Ratiopyrin; Rilfit; Sanalgit¤; Saridon; Sigmalin B6 forte; Sigmalin B6 ohne Coffein; Sigmalin B6; Talvosilen; Thomapyrin mit Vitamin C; Thomapyrin; Toximer; Toximer; Trancopal compositum¤; Trimedil; Ultrapyrin¤; Veganin¤; ViCetamol; Vivimed; Waldheim Schmerztabletten; Wick Erkaltungs-Saft fur die Nacht; Belgium: Afebryl; Algidol¤; Algophene; Algostase; Antigriphine; Antigrippine Midy¤; Asodal; Croix Blanche¤; Dafalgan Codeine; Distalgic¤; Dol-Stop¤; Efferalgan C; Finimal¤; Kranit Nova; Latepyrine¤; Lonarid N; Mann¤; Migraine-Kranit Nova¤; Migraine-Kranit¤; Neomeritine¤; Neuridon Forte¤; Nevrine Codeine¤; Niocitran; Panadeine¤; Panadol Codeine; Panadol Plus; Perdogrip; Perdolan Codeine; Perdolan Compositum; Perdolan Compositum; Perdolan Mono C¤; Rectoplexil¤; Rhinofebryl; Saridon¤; Sinutab; Toplexil; Trimedil¤; Veganine¤; Yamalen¤; Zaldiar; Brazil: Algafan¤; Algi Peralgin; Algi-Butazolon; Algi-Butazolon; Algi-Danilon¤; Algi-Itamanil; Algi-Reumac¤; Algi-Reumatril; Algi-Tanderil; Algifen¤; Algiflamanil; Alginflan¤; Algizolin¤; Analtrix; Analverin Plus; Antigripine¤; Asafen¤; Beserol; Buscopan Plus¤; Butapirin¤; Butazil; Cedrilax; Cefadrin; Cefalium; Cibalena A; Cimegripe; Coficold-Ped¤; Coldrin; Corizin; Day Time Liquigels¤; Descon¤; Diclofetamol; Doralem¤; Dorend; Dorex¤; Dorilax; Dorpinol¤; Dorserol¤; Elcodrix; Excedrin; Febupen; Flamanan; Flexalgin; Fluviral¤; Forgrip; Gegrip; Grifenol¤; Gripcaps C; Gripen F; Gripen; Gripeol; Gripionex¤; Maxidrin; Mio-Citalgan; Mioflex; Multigrip; Naldecon Pediatrico; Naldecon; Naldecon; Nasaliv; Nasogrip; Night Time Liquigels¤; Notuss; Ormigrein; Otonal; Paceflex; Par; Paralon; Parcel; Parenzyme Analgesico; Probenzima Analgesico¤; Redentil; Regulador Gesteira¤; Rescold; Resfenol; Resfrineo; Resfry; Resfry; Resprin; Reuplex; Sanilax; Saridon; Sedalmerck; Sedilax; Sinutab¤; Stilgrip; Tandene; Tanderalgin; Tandrex A¤; Tandriflan; Tandrilax; Tiratosse; Toplexil; Torsilax; Trilax; Trimedal; Tylenol DC; Tylex; Veramon¤; Vick Pyrena; Vitalen C; Canada: Acet Codeine¤; Acet-2, Acet-3¤; Acetaminophen with Codeine; Acetazone Forte C8; Acetazone Forte; Actifed Plus; Actifed-A¤; Allergy Sinus; Atasol-8, -15, -30; Back-Aid; Balminil Cough & Flu; Benadryl Allergy/Sinus Headache; Benylin 1 Cold and Flu; Buckley's Cough, Cold & Flu Daytime Relief; Buckley's Cough, Cold & Flu Nighttime Relief; Buckley's Sinus Pain Relief; Calmylin Cough & Flu; Citron Chaud¤; Cold Medication D; Cold Medication Daytime Relief¤; Cold Medication N; Cold Medication Nighttime Relief¤; Contac Cold & Fever; Contac Cold & Sore Throat; Contac Cough Cold and Flu Day & Night; Contac Cough Cold and Flu¤; Contac Cough, Cold & Flu Nighttime¤; Contac Day & Night Sinus/Allergy¤; Contac Day¤; Contac Night-Time Hot Drink¤; Contac Sinus; Coricidin D¤; Coricidin Sinus Headache¤; Cough & Flu Syrup; DayQuil; Daytime Cold & Flu¤; Dilotab¤; Dimetapp Daytime Cold; Dimetapp Nighttime Cold; Dimetapp-A Sinus¤; DM Decongestant-Expectorant-Analgesic; Dodds Back Ease; Dristan N D; Dristan; Empracet¤; Endocet; Excedrin; Exdol; Extra Strength Acetaminophen with Codeine¤; Extra Strength Allergy Sinus; Extra Strength Cold Medication Daytime Relief; Extra Strength Cold Medication Nightime; Extra Strength Cold Medication Nighttime Relief¤; Extra Strength Multi-Symptom PMS Relief¤; Extra Strength Sinus and Congestion Relief¤; Extra Strength Sinus Medication; Formula 44M¤; Gin Pain; Grippalin & C¤; Grippalin; Histenol Cold; Hot Lemon Relief; Hot Lemon; Jack & Jill Cough Cold & Flu; Junior Strength Cold DM¤; Lemon Time; Medicament Sinus; Mersyndol with Codeine; Methoxacet-C; Methoxacet; Midol Extra Strength; Midol Multi-Symptom¤; Midol PMS Extra Strength; Muscle & Back Pain Relief-8¤; Muscle & Back Pain Relief; Nasal & Sinus Cold Formula¤; Neo Citran Calorie Reduced; Neo Citran Chest Congestion & Cough; Neo Citran Cough Cold & Flu; Neo Citran Daycaps¤; Neo Citran Extra Strength; Neo Citran Sinus; Neo Citran Sore Throat & Cough; Neo Citran; Night-Time; Nighttime Cold & Flu; Novahistex Sinus¤; Novahistex¤; Novo-Gesic C; NyQuil; Obusforme; Pamprin; Parafon Forte C8¤; Parafon Forte; Percocet; Personnelle Contre le Rhume; ratio-Emtec-30; ratio-Lenoltec No 1, No 2, No 3; ratio-Lenoltec No 4; ratio-Oxycocet; Regular Strength Cold Daytime Relief; Regular Strength Cold Nighttime Relief; Regular Strength Sinus; Relaxophen; Relievol Allergy Sinus; Relievol PMS; Relievol Sinus; Robaxacet-8; Robaxacet; Robitussin Cough, Cold & Flu; Robitussin Honey Flu; Rounox + Codeine¤; Roxicet¤; Sine-Off Allergy¤; Sine-Off ND¤; Sinugex¤; Sinus & Congestion Relief¤; Sinus Medication¤; Sinus Pain & Nasal Congestion Relief¤; Sinutab Extra Strength Daytime/Nightime; Sinutab Extra Strength; Sinutab Extra Strenth (Daytime); Sinutab Nightime; Sinutab Sinus & Allergy 12 Hour¤; Sinutab Sinus & Allergy; Sinutab Sinus (Daytime) Non Drowsy¤; Sinutab Sinus Non Drowsy; Sinutab with Codeine; Spasmhalt; Sudafed Cold & Cough; Sudafed Cold & Flu; Sudafed Head Cold & Sinus; Sudafed Sinus¤; Tempra Cold Care¤; TheraFlu Flu, Cold & Cough¤; Tramacet; Trendar PMS¤; Triaminic Cold & Fever¤; Triaminic Cough & Fever; Triaminic Cough & Sore Throat; Triaminic Nighttime Flu¤; Triaminic Throat Pain & Cough; Triaminicin with Codeine¤; Triaminicin¤; Triatec-30; Triatec-8; Tylenol Aches & Strains; Tylenol Allergy Sinus (Multi-Symptom Relief); Tylenol Allergy Sinus (Nighttime); Tylenol Allergy-D; Tylenol Cold & Flu (Nighttime Relief); Tylenol Cold (Chest Congestion); Tylenol Cold (Daytime); Tylenol Cold (Nighttime); Tylenol Cold and Flu Powder; Tylenol Cold Children's; Tylenol Cold DM; Tylenol Cold Infant's; Tylenol Cold Medication¤; Tylenol Cough with Decongestant¤; Tylenol Cough; Tylenol Decongestant; Tylenol Flu (Daytime Relief); Tylenol Flu (Nighttime Relief); Tylenol Menstrual; Tylenol No 1; Tylenol No 2 with Codeine or Tylenol No 3 with Codeine; Tylenol No 4 with Codeine; Tylenol No. 3 with Codeine without Caffeine¤; Tylenol Sinus (Daytime Relief); Tylenol Sinus (Nighttime Relief); Tylenol Sinus; Tylenol with Codeine; Veganin¤; Chile: Acamol Compuesto; Adalgen¤; Adona; Algion; Andil; Anticold; Aprix-DN¤; Artritapsin; Beserol-S; Biogrip Forte; Brevex; Captus; Codeipar; Completax Plus¤; Congestex; Cortigrip Dia/Noche; Cortigrip; Cotibin Compuesto¤; Cotibin Dia y Noche; Cotibin Flu¤; Cronus; Desdol; Desenfriol con Paracetamol¤; Desenfriolito Con Paracetamol¤; Dianoct; Dibunafon; Dolean; Dolider; Dolo Winasorb; Dolo-Niofen; Dolo-Octirona; Dolorelax¤; Dolorsin¤; Emagrip; Fibrorelax; Flectadol; Frenacol¤; Gedol¤; Glenol¤; Gripasan Compuesto; 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Ergo-Lonarid¤; Eudorlin¤; Felsolyn N¤; Fibrex Tabletten; Fineural N¤; Fohnetten N¤; Gelonida NA¤; Gelonida; Gentarol N¤; Gentil¤; Gewodin¤; Grippostad C; Grippostad Gute Nacht-Saft; HA-Tabletten N; Herbin-Stodin¤; Husten- und Fieber-Saft¤; Hypertussin¤; Ilvico N¤; Ingomidon N¤; Judolor comp. N¤; Kolton grippale N¤; Kontagripp-RR¤; Kontagripp¤; Kreuz-Tabletten¤; Lonarid N¤; Lonarid; Malinert¤; Mandro-Gripp¤; Mandros-forte¤; Melabon K; Melabon N¤; Mexe N¤; Migraeflux MCP; Migraeflux N; Migraeflux orange N; Migralave + MCP; Migralave N¤; Migrane-Kranit Duo¤; Migrane-Kranit Kombi¤; Migrane-Kranit N¤; Migrane-Neuridal; Migranerton; Monacant¤; Muskel Trancopal compositum¤; Muskel Trancopal cum codeino¤; Mussera¤; Nedolon P; Neo-Gepan C¤; Neo-Gepan¤; Neopyrin-N¤; Neopyrin; Nervinfant comp¤; Neuralgin; Neuramag P¤; Neuranidal; Neuridal¤; Noflu F¤; Novo Petrin; Octadon P; Octadon¤; Optipyrin; Ozabran N¤; Ozothin¤; Paedisup; paracet comp; Paracetacod¤; Paracetamol comp; Paracetamol plus; Paracetamol plus; Paraflex spezial¤; Perdiphen-N¤; Perdiphen¤; Pilfor P¤; Praecimed N¤; Prontopyrin plus; Quadronal comp; ratioGrippal + C; Ratiopyrin; Rio-Josipyrin N¤; Saridon; Schworalgan; Siguran E plus¤; Siguran E retard¤; Siguran N¤; Silentan spezial¤; Sinpro¤; Somnubene N¤; Spalt N¤; Spalt Schmerztabletten; Spasdilat N¤; Spasmo-Bilgast¤; Spasmo-Gentarol N¤; Talvosilen; Thomapyrin C; Thomapyrin; Tispol S¤; Titralgan; Titretta Schmerz; Toximer C; Toximer N¤; Toximer¤; Treupel comp¤; Treupel-N¤; Trimedil N¤; Tylex¤; Ultrapyrin¤; Wick Daymed Erkaltungs; Wick Daymed Erkaltungs; Wick Medinait; Zaldiar; Greece: Algon; Apotel C-500; Apotel Extra; Buscopan Plus; Comtrex Cold; Depon+Vit. C; Lonalgal; Lonarid N; Norgesic; Panadol Extra; Panadol+C; Relacton-C; Spasmo-Apotel; Splentir; Hong Kong: Anticold; Antiflu Forte; Antiflu-N-Forte; APA¤; Arfen Plus; Beechams Hot Lemon¤; Children's Tylenol Cold Plus Cough¤; Childrens Coltalin with Vit B1¤; Clariflu; Coldcap-A; Coldrex¤; Coldtab-2; Coltalin with Vit B1¤; Coritab; Cosalgesic; Decolgen¤; DF Multi-Symptom; Distalgesic¤; Ditonal¤; Dolo-Neurobion N¤; Dologesic¤; Dolpocetmol; Dristan Cold Maximum Strength; Dristan Cold; Epizon¤; Febricol; Flu-Off¤; Hexapneumine; Lemsip Cold & Flu; Lemsip Flu Strength¤; Lemsip¤; Logicin Flu Strength Day & Night; Logicin Flu Strength; Marflu-X; Medonol; Midrid¤; Neosed¤; Neozep; Norgesic; Ornex¤; Panadeine; Panadol Cold & Flu Day; Panadol Cold & Flu Hot remedy; Panadol Cold & Flu Night; Panadol Cold & Flu Plus; Panadol Cold and Flu; Panadol Extra; Panadol Sinus; Paramol Forte; Parasone; Parcoten; Phenahist; Picapan; Relaxin-P¤; Saridon; Sinutab¤; Snip¤; Tuseran; Tylenol Cold¤; Unigan; Veganin¤; Vidatapp; Virulex Forte; Hungary: APC; Blackcurrant Coldrex Hot; Coldrex; Efferalgan C; Fervex; Grippostad C; Lemon Coldrex; Miralgin; Neo Citran; Novopyrin; Panadol Extra; Rhinoval C; Saridon; Scutamil C; Solpadeine; Talvosilen; ViCetamol; India: Actifed Plus; Actiflu Plus; Actimol; Alerid Cold; Alex-P; Alex; Alkasol-P; Anaflam; Anafortan; Answell; Buta-Proxyvon; Carisoma Compound; Cheston Cold; Cheston Cold; Cinaryl; Cip-Zox; Cipgesic Plus; Codylex Plus; Cof Q; Cofdex CC; Cofenac; Coldoff; Colimex; Colirid; Combiflam; Cosavil; Cyclopam; Diclomol; Dicloran-A¤; Dolocide KP; Dolocide MR; Domcet; DP Gesic; Duodil; Duoflam Plus; Duoflam; Dysmen Forte¤; Emflam Plus; Esgipyrin; Expergesic; Fenaplus-MR; Fenaplus; Fensaide-P; Flamar-MX; Flexinol; Flexon-MR; Flexon; Foracet; Gocold; Ibuflamar-P; Ibugesic Plus; Melodol; Migranil; Movon-MR; Movon-P; Myospaz Forte; Myospaz; New Panazox; Niciflex-T; Nicip MR; Nicip Plus; Nimica Plus; Nimvista Plus; Nocold Plus; Nocold Plus; Okanorm Plus; Osteoflam-MR; Oxalgin-DP; Pacimol-M; Pacizox; Paracip CPM; Paracip Plus; Paracod; Parafon; Paramet; Parvon-N; Parvon-Spas; Parvon; Proxytab; Proxyvon; Ralcidin; Reactine Forte; Reactine Plus; Reducin-A¤; Relaxyl Plus; Rinostat; Robinaxol; Rofecip Plus; Salyzine; Sinarest; Sinarest; Sinarest; Spasmo-Proxyvon; Spasmocip Plus; Spasmocip; Spasmoflexon; Spasmonil Forte; Spasmonil; Sudhinol; Systaflam; Tolydol; Tramacip Plus; Triaminic; Trigan-D; Ultrazac; Vectra-P; Walagesic; Wygesic; Zerodol-MR; Zerodol-P; Zimalgin; Ireland: Anadin Extra; Beechams Cold Relief¤; Beechams Flu-Plus¤; Beechams Hot Lemon Decongestant¤; Beechams Hot Remedies; Benylin 4 Flu; Benylin Day & Night; Coldrex¤; Cosalgesic¤; Day & Night; Day Nurse; Disprin Extra¤; Distalgesic; Dozol; Feminax; Fortagesic¤; Ilvico¤; Kapake; Lemsip Cold & Flu; Lemsip Max Relief Capsules; Lemsip Pharmacy Flu Strength; Lemsip Pharmacy with Phenylephrine; Lobak¤; Maxilief; Migraleve; Mu-Cron¤; Night Nurse; Non-Drowsy Sinutab; Norgesic¤; Panadeine; Panadol Extra; Panadol Night; Paracodol¤; Parahypon¤; Paramax; Paramol; Rowacylat¤; Sinutab¤; Solpadeine; Solpadol; Syndol; Teedex; Tramil; Triogesic¤; Tylex; Uniflu & Gregovite C¤; Veganin Plus; Veganin¤; Vivimed¤; Israel: Acamol Tsinun Day; Acamol Tsinun Night; Acamoli Cold; Alcinal Plus; Algolysin; Beechams Remedy¤; Broncholate Plus; Cod-Acamol Forte; Codabrol; Codisal Forte; Coldex; Dexamol Cold Day; Dexamol Cold Night; Dexamol Plus; Dexamol PM; Dexamol Sinus Day; Dexamol Sinus Night; Efferalgan Codeine; Migraleve; Muscol; Norgesic; Novocalm¤; Pacetal; Paracod; Paramol AF and Shiul Day; Paramol AF and Shiul Night; Paramol AF Day; Paramol AF Night; Paramol Plus; Percocet; Proxol; Rogaan; Rokacet Plus; Rokacet; Rokamol Plus Codeine; Sinusal¤; Spasmalgin; Tricold¤; Italy: Actidue; Actigrip; Algopirina; Alsogil¤; Alsogil; Anticorizza; Antiflu; Antinevralgico Dr Knapp¤; Antinevralgico Penegal¤; Antireumina; Baby-Rinolo; Benylin Day & Night¤; Bronchenolo Antiflu; Bronconait¤; Buscopan Compositum; Calmante Murri¤; Cletanol C¤; Cletanol¤; Co-Efferalagan; Contralgen¤; Decongene¤; Doloflex; Dolvis¤; Drin; Efferalgan C; Euci¤; Femidol¤; Fepramol¤; Fluental; Fluvaleas¤; Honeycold; Honeyflu; Influrem¤; Influvit; Iodosan Raffreddore Contac¤; Lasafort¤; Lisoflu¤; Lonarid; Micranet¤; Murri Antidolorifico; Neo Nisidina C-Fher¤; Neo Nisidina-Fher; Neo Uniplus C; Neo Uniplus; Neo-Cibalgina; Neo-Nevral; Neo-Optalidon; Neodone¤; Odontalgico Dr. Knapp con Vit. B1; Omniadol¤; Raffreddoremed; Rectocoricidin¤; Saridon senza Caffeina¤; Saridon; Tachidol; Tachiflu; Tachifludec; Triaminicflu; Triplice¤; Veramon; Verdal; Vicks Medinait; Vitialgin¤; Zerinetta-Fher¤; Zerinetta; Zerinoflu; Zerinol-Fher; Malaysia: Anarex; Chlornamol¤; Decolgen; Dihydrocodeine P; Febricol; Flucor Day; Norgesic; Orphenadol; Panadol Cold Flu; Panadol Cold; Panadol Menstrual; Paracetamol Plus Pharmaniaga; Paras; Sinuzin¤; Suniton; Zainexpect C & F¤; Mexico: Acxen¤; Algitrin; Antiflu-Des; Arsenal Compuesto; Arxen Compositum; Asafen; Biasquin F; Bifardol; Bifebral; Bioflusin; Breaflu; Brefar; Bremagan Flu; Buscapina Compositum N; Calgayan; Cantipal¤; Carbafen; CK-2; Clariflu; Clarifriol; Clorfriol¤; Co-Tylenol; Coldaid; Contac AM; Contac PM; Contac Ultra; Coricidin F¤; Coricidin Pediatrico NF¤; Corilin F; Cortafrin; Cotofin¤; Cripofen; Cripofen; Dafloxen-F; Decosil; Desenfriol-Ito Plus¤; Dolotandax; Escapin-N; Exalver; Farxen; Febrax; Femsedin Kutz; Flavit-AV; Flepin X-3; Flumejoralito Gripe; Fluviatol NF; Fluviatol; Friobax; Histiacil T; Histiacil Tex; Infafren Compuesto; Kensedal; LM6; LM6; Masferol; Medin G¤; Megal; Mejoral Plus; Mejoral; Movex; Mydocalm-A; Naprodil Plus; Nedoxal; Neo-Percodan; Neorpan Plus; Nocsin PM; Norflex Plus; Numonyl C; Numonyl T¤; Numonyl Tex¤; Onexmol; Parafon Forte; Parsel; Pensodil; Pirafrin; Piralgina; Polet; Precicol; Pron-X; Proxalin Plus; Qual; Quimofeina; Raxenol; Reucortil; Rinofren Pediatrico; Rinofren; Robaxifen; Rosel; Saridon¤; Sedalmerck TH¤; Sedalmerck; Senidrin; Senidrin; Sin-A Crud¤; Sindo; Singrilen; Superal Ex; Superal; Tafirol Flex; Tempra CD¤; Tempra MF¤; TheraFlu Ex; TheraFlu; Tramacet; Tusilen Pediatrico; Tylenol Sinus; Tylex CD; Tylex Flu; Velsay-S Compuesto; Viplus; Vitanumonyl C; Zaldiar; Netherlands: Afluvit¤; Antigrippine Hot Drink¤; Antigrippine; APAC¤; APC; Chefarine; Citrosan; Daro Hoofdpijnpoeders; Femerital; Finimal C; Finimal; Hot Coldrex; Panadol Plus; Para-don; Roter APC; Roter Paracof; Sanalgin; Saridon; Tilalgin; Witte Kruis; Zaldiar; Norway: Aporex; Lobac¤; Norgesic¤; Paralgin; Pinex Forte; Pinex Major; Somadril Comp¤; New Zealand: Apo-Paradex; Benylin Cold¤; Capadex; Codral 4 Flu¤; Codral Cold & Flu¤; Codral Cough, Cold & Flu Day & Night¤; Codral Daytime/Nightime¤; Codral Pain Relief¤; Coldrex Day/Night¤; Coldrex Flu¤; Coldrex Head & Chest Cold¤; Coldrex Head Cold¤; Coldrex Night Relief¤; Day & Night Cold & Flu; Di-Gesic¤; Dimetapp Cold & Flu¤; Dimetapp Cold, Cough & Flu Day & Night¤; Lemsip Cold & Flu Headcold; Lemsip Flu Strength; Lemsip Max Day & Night; Mersyndol; Norgesic; Orthoxicol Cold & Flu; Orthoxicol Day & Night; Panadeine; Panadol Night; Paradex; Paramax; Pirophen; Pryndette¤; Sinutab Sinus & Pain Relief; Sinutab Sinus Allergy & Pain Relief; Sudafed Day/Nightime Relief; Sudafed Sinus Pain & Allergy Relief; Sudafed Sinus Pain Relief; Portugal: Adalgur N; Afebryl¤; Algifene; Algik; Almigripe¤; Anadin Extra; Anadin Paracetamol; Anti-Gripe¤; Antigrippine; Bisolgrip T; Buscopan Compositum N; Casfen¤; Casfen; Cegripe; Coricidil-D¤; Dafalgan Codeina; Dol-u-ron; Fludeten; Gripidor; Griponal¤; Ilvico N¤; Katagrip¤; Migraleve; Migretil; Norgesic; Paramolan C; Saridon N; Sinutab II; Ugrilon¤; Veganine¤; Russia: Antiflu (Антифлу); Brustan (Брустан); Caffetin (Каффетин); Coffedon (Коффедон); Coldact Flu Plus (Колдакт Флю Плюс); Coldrex HotRem Lemon and Honey (Колдрекс ХотРем со Вкусом Лимона и Меда); Coldrex MaxGrip Lemon (Колдрекс МаксГрипп со Вкусом Лимона); Daleron C (Далерон C); Gewadal (Гевадал); Grippostad (Гриппостад); Grippostad C (Гриппостад С); Ibuclin (Ибуклин); Kofan (Кофан); Mexavit (Мексавит); No-Spalgin (Но-Шпалгин); Panadol Extra (Панадол Екстра); Paracodamol (Паракодамол); Rinza (Ринза); Sedal-M (Седал-М); Solpadeine (Солпадеин); TheraFlu Flu and Cold (ТераФлю от Гриппа и Простуды Екстра); South Africa: Abflex; Acetapon¤; Actifed Cold & Fever; Acuflu P; Acugesil¤; Acurate; Acustop; Adco-Dol; Adco-Flupain; Adco-Kiddipayne; Adco-Payne; Adco-Sinal Co; Algist¤; Analgen-SA; 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Pharmacopoeial Preparations

BP 2005: Co-codamol Tablets; Co-dydramol Tablets; Co-proxamol Tablets; Dispersible Paracetamol Tablets; Effervescent Co-codamol Tablets; Paediatric Paracetamol Oral Solution; Paracetamol Oral Suspension; Paracetamol Suppositories; Paracetamol Tablets; Soluble Paracetamol Tablets; USP 29: Acetaminophen and Aspirin Tablets; Acetaminophen and Caffeine Tablets; Acetaminophen and Codeine Phosphate Capsules; Acetaminophen and Codeine Phosphate Oral Solution; Acetaminophen and Codeine Phosphate Oral Suspension; Acetaminophen and Codeine Phosphate Tablets; Acetaminophen and Diphenhydramine Citrate Tablets; Acetaminophen and Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride Tablets; Acetaminophen Capsules; Acetaminophen Extended-Release Tablets; Acetaminophen for Effervescent Oral Solution; Acetaminophen Oral Solution; Acetaminophen Oral Suspension; Acetaminophen Suppositories; Acetaminophen Tablets; Acetaminophen, Aspirin, and Caffeine Tablets; Acetaminophen, Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide, Doxylamine Succinate, and Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride Oral Solution; Acetaminophen, Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride, and Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride Tablets; Butalbital, Acetaminophen, and Caffeine Capsules; Butalbital, Acetaminophen, and Caffeine Tablets; Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen Tablets; Isometheptene Mucate, Dichloralphenazone, and Acetaminophen Capsules; Oxycodone and Acetaminophen Capsules; Oxycodone and Acetaminophen Tablets; Propoxyphene Hydrochloride and Acetaminophen Tablets; Propoxyphene Napsylate and Acetaminophen Tablets;

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