Hydrocodone Hydrochloride

Hydrocodone Hydrochloride

Drug Nomenclature

Date of monograph revision: 05-Nov-1997; 17-Aug-1998; 10-Mar-2000; 07-Nov-2001; 08-Aug-2003; 31-May-2006; (last modified: 04-Jun-2006)
BAN: Hydrocodone Hydrochloride [BANM]
INN: Hydrocodone Hydrochloride [rINNM (en)]
INN: Hidrocloruro de hidrocodona [rINNM (es)]
INN: Hydrocodone, Chlorhydrate d' [rINNM (fr)]
INN: Hydrocodoni Hydrochloridum [rINNM (la)]
INN: Гидрокодона Гидрохлорид [rINNM (ru)]
Molecular formula: C18H21NO3,HCl,21/2H2O =380.9
CAS: 25968-91-6 (anhydrous hydrocodone hydrochloride)
ATC code: R05DA03
Chemical Structure of Hydrocodone

Chemical Structure of Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone Tartrate

Drug Nomenclature

Date of monograph revision: 05-Nov-1997; 17-Aug-1998; 10-Mar-2000; 07-Nov-2001; 08-Aug-2003; 31-May-2006; (last modified: 04-Jun-2006)
Synonyms: Dihydrocodeinone Acid Tartrate; Hidrocodona, tartrato de; Hydrocodone Acid Tartrate; Hydrocodoni Bitartras; Hydrocone Bitartrate
BAN: Hydrocodone Tartrate [BANM]
USAN: Hydrocodone Bitartrate
INN: Hydrocodone Tartrate [rINNM (en)]
INN: Tartrato de hidrocodona [rINNM (es)]
INN: Hydrocodone, Tartrate d' [rINNM (fr)]
INN: Hydrocodoni Tartras [rINNM (la)]
INN: Гидрокодона Тартрат [rINNM (ru)]
Chemical name: 6-Deoxy-3-O-methyl-6-oxomorphine hydrogen tartrate hemipentahydrate; (-)-(5R)-4,5-Epoxy-3-methoxy-9a-methylmorphinan-6-one hydrogen tartrate hemipentahydrate
Molecular formula: C18H21NO3,C4H6O6,21/2H2O =494.5
CAS: 125-29-1 (hydrocodone); 143-71-5 (anhydrous hydrocodone tartrate); 34195-34-1 (hydrocodone tartrate hemipentahydrate)
ATC code: R05DA03


Compounded preparations of hydrocodone tartrate may be represented by the following names:

Co-hycodAPAP (PEN)—hydrocodone tartrate and paracetamol.


In Ger., Swiss, and US.

USP 29 (Hydrocodone Bitartrate). Fine, white crystals or crystalline powder. Soluble in water; slightly soluble in alcohol; insoluble in chloroform and in ether. pH of a 2% solution in water is between 3.2 and 3.8. Store in airtight containers. Protect from light.

Drug Profile

Hydrocodone, a phenanthrene derivative, is an opioid analgesic (Go to Opioid Analgesics) related to codeine (Go to Codeine) and has similar actions, but is more potent on a weight for weight basis. Hydromorphone (Go to Hydromorphone Hydrochloride) is one of the metabolites of hydrocodone.

Hydrocodone is used chiefly as the tartrate in preparations for the relief of irritant cough, though it has no particular advantage over codeine. It is also used for the relief of moderate to moderately severe pain, usually with paracetamol.

Hydrocodone tartrate is taken by mouth in doses of 5 to 10 mg every 4 to 6 hours.

Hydrocodone hydrochloride is given by mouth and also by injection. The polistirex derivative (a hydrocodone and sulfonated diethenylbenzene-ethenylbenzene copolymer complex) is used in modified-release preparations.

Hydrocodone has also been used in the treatment of dyspnoea.


Sensorineural hearing loss in 12 patients has been associated with the overuse or abuse of the hydrocodone and paracetamol preparation, Vicodin.1 Cochlear implants improved the hearing loss in some of the patients.

There has also been a report of a case of palatal perforation associated with intranasal abuse of a crushed preparation of hydrocodone and paracetamol.2

  1. 1. Friedman RA, et al. Profound hearing loss associated with hydrocodone/acetaminophen abuse. Am J Otol 2000; 21: 188–91. PubMed
  2. 2. Jewers WM, et al. Palatal perforation associated with intranasal prescription narcotic abuse. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod 2005; 99: 594–7. PubMed


Single-ingredient Preparations

The symbol ¤ denotes a preparation which is discontinued or no longer actively marketed.

Belgium: Biocodone; Canada: Hycodan; Robidone¤; Germany: Dicodid; Norway: Hydrokon¤; Switzerland: Dicodid¤;

Multi-ingredient Preparations

The symbol ¤ denotes a preparation which is discontinued or no longer actively marketed.

Argentina: Hidronovag Complex; Australia: Hycomine¤; Canada: Biohisdex DHC Decongestant¤; Biohisdine DHC Decongestant¤; Caldomine-DH¤; Coristine-DH¤; Dalmacol; Dimetane Expectorant DC; Hycomine; Mercodol with Decapryn¤; Novahistex DH Expectorant¤; Novahistex DH; Novahistine DH; ratio-Calmydone; ratio-Coristex-DH; Solucodan-H¤; Solucodan¤; Triaminic Expectorant DH¤; Tussaminic DH¤; Tussionex; India: Cardiazol-Dicodid; United States: Alor; Amacodone¤; Anaplex HD; Anexsia; Atuss EX¤; Atuss G; Atuss HC; Atuss HD; Azdone¤; Bancap HC; Ceta Plus; Chlorgest-HD¤; Co-Gesic; Co-Tuss V; Codal-DH; Codamine¤; Codan¤; Codiclear DH; Codimal DH; Cophene XP; Cordron-HC; Cyndal HD; Cytuss HC; Damason-P; De-Chlor G; De-Chlor HC; De-Chlor HD; De-Chlor MR; De-Chlor NX; Deconamine CX; Dolacet; Donatussin DC; Drocon-CS; Duocet; Duratuss HD; ED Tuss HC; ED-TLC; Endagen-HD; Endal-HD Plus; Endal-HD; Entex HC; Entuss Expectorant; Entuss Expectorant; Entuss Pediatric¤; Entuss-D Jr; Entuss-D; Entuss-D; H-Tuss-D; Histex HC; Histinex D; Histinex HC; Histinex PV; Histussin D; Histussin HC; Hy-KXP; Hy-Phen; Hycet; Hyco-Pap¤; HycoClear Tuss; Hycodan; Hycomine Compound; Hycomine¤; Hycotuss; Hydex PD; Hydro DP; Hydro PC; Hydro-GP; Hydro-Tussin HD; Hydrocet; Hydrocodone CP; Hydrocodone GF; Hydrocodone HD; Hydrocodone PA¤; Hydrogesic; Hydromet; Hydromine¤; Hydron CP; Hydron EX; Hydron KGS; Hydron PSC; Hydropane; Hydrophene DH¤; Hyphed; Iodal; Iotussin HC; Kwelcof; Levall; Lorcet 10/650; Lorcet Plus; Lorcet-HD; Lortab ASA; Lortab; Lortuss HC; Marcof; Margesic H; Maxi-Tuss HCG; Maxi-Tuss HCX; Maxidone; Medipain¤; MegaMor¤; Nalex DH; Nalex Expectorant; Narcof; Nasatuss¤; Norcet¤; Norco; Notuss PD; Oncet; P-V-Tussin; P-V-Tussin; Panacet¤; Panasal¤; Pancof XP; Pancof-HC; Pancof-XL; Para-Hist HD; Pneumotussin; Poly-Tussin; Protuss-D¤; Protuss¤; Relacon-HC; Rolatuss with Hydrocodone¤; Ru-Tuss with Hydrocodone¤; S-T Forte 2; S-T Forte¤; SRC Expectorant; Stagesic; Statuss Green¤; Su-Tuss HD; T-Gesic; Triaminic Expectorant DH¤; Tusdec-HC; Tussafed HC¤; Tussafed-HCG; Tussafin Expectorant; Tussanil DH¤; Tussanil DH; Tussend Expectorant¤; Tussend; Tussgen¤; Tussigon; Tussionex Pennkinetic; Tusso-DF; Tyrodone; Unituss HC; Vanex Expectorant; Vanex-HD; Vetuss HC¤; Vicodin Tuss; Vicodin; Vicoprofen; Vitussin; Xodol; Z-Cof HC; Zydone;

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